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Album Artwork

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CD coverAlbum Cover- (Winter Solstice)


BackBack Cover- (Winter Solstice)


Left insideInside Left Flap- (Spring Equinox)


right ousideInside Center- (Summer Solstice)


Right insideInside Right Flap- (Autumn Equinox)


inside center (under disc)Under Disc- (Summer Solstice)


ELM CD FACEDisc- (Rio Grande Sunset Reflections)




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For those of us who like to read, here is the written story!

This album is about a journey, a journey that we all experience at some time in Life, often many times. In the form of small daily nuances or a massive Life odyssey of many years: We all spend time in the darkness, struggling and blind, suffering, failing… only to have a greater appreciation for the Love filled Light that shines upon us at the end of our dark tunnel. For without having known the depths of despair, how can one truly experience the heights of ecstasy? Darkness Made Light Known. This album is the story of one such odyssey in my Life: A decades journey of finding my own personal light, having misplaced it somewhere as a young woman…

The journey begins in the Hills of Glen Orchy, where a beautiful Scottish glen cradles an awe inspiring class V whitewater river. Decimated by the highland clearances (a forced displacement of vast populations in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th & 19th centuries, by cruel & greedy landlords to make room for the more profitable tenure of sheep,) the once thriving glen now lays depopulated-lonely, quiet- save for the roaring River carving through it. This is where a budding international River career wandered away from the water, and found loneliness- in partnership.

We’ve all had unhealthy relationships, we’ve all given affection to black holes… with no affection returned, draining ourselves… We’ve all known Black is the Color.

Sometimes it just feels good to revel in the darkness though, embrace it, accept it, even thrive within it! Welcome the Devil in the Kitchen, dance to The Devils Dream, commiserate with the Bedlam Boys, witless with them, as we have all spent time out of our minds.

Loss and Lament- yet another thing we have all experienced, in many forms: The loss of Loved ones, the loss Dreams, the loss of Self… Perhaps that is why the sweet sorrow of Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death of his 2nd Wife speaks so deeply, so profoundly to all who hear it, as it touches so gracefully that lament of loss within us all.

Sometimes, in the deepest part of the night, a light touches us and we don’t even realize it’s there. Consumed by darkness, it is so easy to be blind to any light… yet there it glows, slowly growing- that spark of Joy, working it’s way to the surface where we finally realize that our path is leading to brighter places… like The Fair City within our hearts. Prompting us to set sail upon Da Full Rigged Ship, and sail onward in blind faith.

Then the shining beacon appears through the fog. Unsure at first, this blinding force soon becomes unmistakable, a light so bright, drawn like a moth to the flame, our lives emerged into the light and we procede onward, never to look back, our lives forever changed. My shining beacon came in the form of my infant Daughter. Snuggled in awe of the baby at my breast, she held aloft a mirror to my face, demanding that I look at myself, remember myself, be true to myself. Reluctantly, I did. As soon as I did, the current of my true self sent our River Lullaby “round the eddy, then down stream we go…” and the two of us were swept down stream on a thrilling, challenging yet beautiful  ride down the Rio Grande, and into a life of Beauty and Joy.

Challenge though, nothing worth having comes without challenge. Change, change always proves challenging. Yet, overcoming challenge makes us stronger, lets us look back and laugh. Even A Single Mom’s Lament can end in mirth at the absurd! In overcoming challenges, regardless of how gracefully they are tackled, in the end we are blessed to rise up singing like a Lark in the Morning!

Time passes, and nothing is certain, with the exception of the simple beauty of a sunset- turning humble crops to Fields of Gold.”Seasons turn, and Life goes on, even the dark times hold memories of gold, and the end of every day brings the promise of the beauty of nature. And in the seasons of our lives, there comes a time of fullness and contentment, a time when the harvest is bountiful, the home is blessed with Love, and it just feels right to dance, a time for the Harvest Home Hornpipe!

Of course, it is not until we have learned to Love Ourselves, that we can truly Love or be Loved by another. Once we realize that we are Whole in and of ourselves, only then does the door to true Love open… and in the journey for self Love, once the inner well has been tapped and flows unhindered, we are taken by surprise when Love comes to us from outside our selves as well… For as I found the endless well of Love and Light within myself, my first true Love- the Rio Grande, finally embraced me in it’s full flow of Loving Glory. As did a man, who’s endless Love and support still amazes me every single day…. and it’s so Serendipitous!

Follow your Heart, even through the darkest hours, for it will always lead you true…